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Mary S. Martin

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Médiums : Huile, Aquarelle

935 Chemin Favreau, Dunham , QC J0E 1M0 (maison et atelier)
(450) 295-2757

Les œuvres de Mary martin sont disponibles à son atelier et dans les galeries suivantes :

Bryan Memorial Gallery, 180 Main Street, Jeffersonville, Vermont

Galerie D’Art Yvon Desgagnés, 1, rue Forget, Baie St-Paul, QC

Mary Martin has been a professional painter for over thirty years, working with equal facility in oil and watercolour. An enthusiastic plein-air painter, she also enjoys the more considered approach possible in the studio, and strives in her work to combine the freshness of one with the careful thought of the other. Her paintings are evocations of time and place with a special attention to light that make them instantly recognizable to her many devotees.

Her inspiration is nature. Her subject matter is what she knows and loves – the pastoral landscapes of her native Quebec and neighboring Vermont, the coastal scenes of Maine and the Maritime provinces, the atmospheric views of northern England as well as the vibrant flowers in her garden.

Her paintings are in collections throughout Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom and Europe.

“If there is a message in my painting it is that beauty may reside in simple things. For the most part, I consider my paintings to be a celebration of a rural countryside that I find beautiful and a way of life that I value.” M. S. Martin